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ukázky výrobků


ukázky výrobků


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Our past and present day

Unita Ltd. was founded 1.4.1992 in Prague. Today, the only owner is Diocesan Charity Ostrava-Opava and the company´s seat is in Bílá Voda by Javorník. Scope of business of our company is a production of hosts and wafers.

History of baking hosts
After the II.World War hosts were baked on many places in Czech Republic. In the 50´s communist regime concentrated the production under Czech Catholic Charity and Dominican sisters started to make them in Broumov in the North-East part of Bohemia. In 1985 production was moved into Bílá Voda. Hosts were made there first by st. Vincent de Paul’s nuns, then by Premonstratensian Sisters.

Present day
Since 2001 there are only civil employees in Unita. Our primary product are still hosts. In the 2004 we extended our production and added wafer production. Nowadays we make about 100 000 pieces of hosts and about 1 000 wafers boxes a day. With our wafers we supply spas and shops across whole country and in Poland, Austria, Germany and Slovakia as well.

Bílá Voda
Bílá Voda is the most northern village of Jesenicko and lies at the foot of Rychleby mountains. It was founded in 13th century. It became worlds rarity in 1950, when on 28. of September, the day of st. Wenceslas, 146 nuns from five congregations were moved there. In next 40 years, about 1 000 nuns from 14 congregations passed by this place. About 700 of them lies on local cemetery. Afted the fall of totality in 1989 most of the nuns moved out of Bílá Voda to their monasteries and houses around whole Czech Republic and Slovakia. In the fall of 2005, last community of them moved away. It was nuns of st. Vincent de Paul.

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